Tuesday, February 13

New Interweave Knits

I received my copy of the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits in the mail yesterday. At first I was so excited because A) I had something new to look at and B) the post office managed not to mangle it up this time.

After taking a closer look, I realized that they have changed the design and layout of the entire thing. Before I continue, it might help you to understand that I do not do well with change. At all. Like SERIOUSLY. This is something I have been able to work through in most aspects of my life but my FAVORITE knitting magazine? I was almost hyperventilating. I almost couldn't bring myself to look at it.

I'm sure the new layout is fine. I'm sure every normal person will love it/not even notice a difference. But see, one thing is they changed is the one thing I loved most about IK: the fact that the photo and pattern were placed together. Now, all of the photos are in a section near the front, and you have to turn to the back to see the details of yarn, gauge, sizes, etc. as well as the actual pattern. Having to flip around like this ticks me off for no real reason. Also, I don't think the quality of the photographs is the same. Not the photographs themselves I suppose, but the angles shot. There at least two tops that I couldn't find a back view for. I really would like to know what the entire sweater looks like before I knit it.

So like I said, I might be the only one who has these issues but I do feel better now after venting a little. =) I still managed to find a few things I want to knit from this issue; I guess I’ll add them to the end of my list!


Jean said...

I'm usually pretty indifferent to changes to magazine layouts. I notice the changes, adapt and move on. But I totally agree with your assessment of the changes to the Interweave Knits layout. I found the flipping back and forth a pain, too. And I felt like lumping all the pictures together without the yarn/gauge/size info made the projects feel less special. It was too easy to just glance at the picture and zoom on without considering if that's a project you'd like to make. It lessend the fun of deliberating over patterns. And we all know delibertating over and choosing patterns is sometimes even more fun than the actual knitting.
You're not the only one who feels this way! Even relatively "normal" people, like me, agree with you. And I think you're ticked off for good, solid, actual reasons. We should probably think about writing to the editor.

Hope said...

I hate it, too. In fact, the way Interweave WAS has always been one of the reasons I liked them best.

Is your copy missing pages 97-120?

mindy said...

i could not agree with you more- they've switched to the vogue knitting format- i hate that format! i love seeing the pics while i'm reading the instructions-
but what can we do?
maybe leave emails to interweave on this? can we do this?

Kellie said...

Oh i'm with you! I hate the layout of Vogue Knitting and am so hoping they change it back quick smart! I am definitely going to find an email address for Interweave Press.