Saturday, February 10


This week (Wednesday maybe?) I finished the back of my Diamonique top.

Diamonique back
This photo was taken just before it was finished.

I just love how bright and summery this looks. I am using Dale Svale yarn, which has a nice sheen to it, but can be a pain to knit with since it is a little splitty.

I plan to start the front tonight while watching a DVD (movie or TV show? not sure yet...) with my husband.

Now, you really should click this link to see all of the patterns SaunShine has written; there are at least four more I need to make.

ETA: I just read this about Svale yarn on the Dale of Norway website: "To prevent colors from bleeding, make sure the soap is completely dissolved in the water before placing your garment into the water." Has anyone heard that before? It's new to me. I wonder why having the soap dissolve would have any effect on color bleeding?

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