Monday, February 5

All cold and disappointed.

It is so. cold. here. I know I have been spoiled by a couple years of mild winters, but this is ridiculous! I didn’t start my car up at all over the weekend (how very brilliant of me) and as a result it almost didn’t start for work this morning. I can’t say that I blamed it – with wind chills in the minus 20-30°F range, I didn’t want to go anywhere either!

Ah, the Chicago Bears. What can I say? It is fabulous that they won the division title and had a great (good? decent? surprising?) season. But it would have been nice if they had actually shown up to play in the superbowl.

Here is something ironic. In 2003, I was in that very same stadium watching the Iowa Hawkeyes play USC in the Orange Bowl. The game started out exactly the same – with a dramatic touchdown from a kickoff return. The rest was all downhill from there for the Hawks, ending with a USC victory of 38-17. Do I need to explain why I was nervous when Devin Hester scored that first touchdown??

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