Monday, January 2

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. I had a good week, but quieter than I had been expecting. I was sick (some yucky bronchitis thing) so I didn't get out much, but I did get to spend time with family from out of town and my best friend and that is all that matters right?

What I don't have are any interesting photos. I have the standard Christmas tree shot, and one of my parents and I assembling IKEA furniture at midnight on the 31st. (We are party animals)

I also don't have any knitting to show, even though I had two projects with me. BUT - both were projects that I felt like I had to finish despite being sick of them so that kind of cut down the fun factor. Which leads me to my list of things I want to change in 2006:

1. Do things (everything, not just knitting) that make ME happy. I have spent way too much of my life worrying about what other people think of me. I'm know that is hard to change, but when I am not even knitting things that are fun - well, it has gone too far! I am even afraid to write about some things here because of who might read it. (And I'm not talk Dooce type stuff either) I need my own life.

2. Don't be so anti-social. So much for living in a college town when all your college friends have moved on! But instead of saying, "I'll make new friends when we finally move", do it now! (This also kinda relates to #1)

3. Save money. I'm not really a frivolous person at all, but I do spend money on things I don't absolutely need. (new clothes, DVDs, itunes, etc.) Since my husband is (still) unemployed, this needs to stop. We can live well later, when we can actually afford it!

4. Keep the apartment clean. Ha. Easier said than done. Two lazy pack rats live here! But yeah, at least put some effort into it. =)

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