Wednesday, January 4

Post Holiday Wrapup

First of all, I got the Christmas cards out on time this year - so people actually received them before the holiday! It was easier, actually, since I just used our wedding invitation list.

Even though I didn't make many gifts this year, there are a few worth mentioning that I can show now.

Cotton Chenille washcloth assortment for Mom. (She won't have to bug me for more now for a while ;-)

Sewn crochet hook case for Mom. The outside is a silk remnant I found at Hobby Lobby.

(and the inside)

Little flags for Dad. OK - these will make no sense and seem really dumb to 99% of people out there. BUT, if you are a Simpsons fan, you may recall Homer waving little flags for random things he likes. This is a running joke with my Dad and I, so I made him a set with some of our random things.

(So why is everything I made for my parents? Because I know they appreciate it - even if it is just a joke!)

New Year's Eve was uneventful but fun. We ate takeout BBQ ribs and assembled two vehicles (one being a pickup truck) worth out IKEA furniture for my parent's family room. Maggie helped out by testing the new cushions.

In current news, I am slowing putting together a new layout for my blog. I want a new one really bad, but don't have the patience to sit down and work on it!

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