Wednesday, January 25

Good vs. Bad

So I've finally get to report the good news that my husband found a job. Not a great job, nor a career job, but a paycheck. We'll take it!

The bad news is that he left today for 7 (seven!) weeks of training in Minneapolis. It could be worse and be even further away from home, but a 5 hour drive does not make for convenient visits. Especially since he isn't going to have weekends off. Blah.

But, on to more good news. I finished the little Care Bear cross stitch thing I was working on, and even stuck it in a frame.

So are you supposed to put the glass back in the frame over the cross stitch?
I'm not sure.

More good news, I've been making a few little preemie things to donate. More on those in another post. (This one has enough photos in it already!)

But then we have the inevitable bad news...

I have to face the facts and rip out the back of my Manos cardigan, since my gauge went wild and it is about 4" too wide.

But I've noticed some oddly skewing rows, so it's not totally a bad thing.

If it seems like I haven't accomplished much during all my MIA blog time, it's because I've spent a lot of time playing with my Christmas gift:

The only kind of puppy for this cat person:
no mess, smell, or slobber!

Oh yeah, and I've finally had all the digital wedding photos people took printed up at Snapfish. I've assembled an album/scrapbook with them all (almost 400). I also cut up all of the cards we received into 4x6 pieces of outside designs and inside handwritten messages and added them throughout. It's kind of cool since I knew I couldn't get rid of them, but didn't really need them in a box in the closet forever either.

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Libby said...

Cute cross stitch.

I knit preemie items for The Preemie Project, a local and blog-based charity. Anyway, we have a knitting group that meets on Tuesday nights (6:30) at Terrapin in Coralville. The group is growing. It all started with myself, the group's founder and a few other local bloggers. Now there are women of all ages. If you are interested, email me and I'll let you know how to get on the email list, etc.