Wednesday, December 21

Four Days.

I hope everyone's Christmas/holiday (don't really want to get into all that!) knitting is going well. I only knit two things as gifts this year, the second of which will be finished tonight.

I don't feel as Christmasy as I normally do. I think a part of this is due to the fact that I am not baking holiday treats like usual. (My decision. I don't need the extra calories or the temptation.) I did manage to spend an entire Saturday afternoon making some polymer clay ornaments though:

This guy is my favorite:

and has (sadly) already been given away.

We are heading to Chicago until the new year, but I will to post photos of the gifts I have made, and maybe some other holiday goodness, using my parents (dreaded) dialup connection.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hi Sarah,
Merry Christmas! I love your ornaments. :-)
Did you ever get the kiwi wheel and start spinning?

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah =)

Actually, I never got the spinning wheel. I decided that I really didn't have enought room in my apartment, so I picked a new sewing machine instead. =) But the wheel is definitely still on the list for the future!