Saturday, January 7

Not knitting

I haven't done much knitting in the last few weeks. Hopefully I will feel like it again soon. I think the problem is I told myself I must finish all the projects that are in progress* before I start something new. Maybe I should let myself move on to something fun...

But I have been doing something while watching TV at night:

I so don't know where the urge to start another cross stitch came from. But this one is small and going quickly. Can you tell what it is?

*Projects in progress include a novelty garter stitch gift scarf, a hat that has been frogged twice because of funky looking decreasing, a lace scarf that requires actual concentration, my Manos cardigan (which I really want to finish but realized that my gauge had changed drastically and the back will have to be ripped out), and a too big sock that needs to be ripped out. Hmm... see a pattern?

Goal for this weekend: Take down Christmas decorations!

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Anonymous said...

it's a care bear. after watching hours and hours of care bear videos has finally paid off. woo hoo.