Sunday, January 9

It's not a sock!

I am very excited to report a non-sock finished object. I really needed to knit something different. It was actually fun again, and now my mind is swirling with project ideas.

I had two balls of Lion Brand Landscapes yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic) in a fab dark rainbow color from my secret pal last summer. There was a pattern for a two ball neck wrap/scarf thing on the back of the label, so away I went.

(Yeah, the photo is really bad. But it would have looked worse if I wouldn't have cropped out the rest of my head. I was cleaning all day and hadn't taken a shower yet. Blech.)

I have to say, this yarn is fantastic. Really soft, with beautiful colors. I am definitely going to make something else with it in the future. I bet it would make a great sweater. Hmmm...

What's next?

So as for future projects, Steve requested a new winter hat. (This would be the third so far.) He has very specific ideas of what he wants this time, so we need to sit down a tape measure and pad of paper for a design session. He has to wear a baseball cap to work every day, and wears one just about everywhere else afterwards because of the hat-hair issue, and wants a knit hat that can be worn over it and cover his ears. I'll let you know if I come up with anything that looks decent. =)

I have a feeling the second Making Waves sock is going to be sitting for a while. Oh well - I'm not going to let it make me feel guilty!

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