Sunday, January 16

bits and pieces

First off, I successfully (eg. it actually fit) finished Steve's hat - and he even let me photograph him with it on.

I used Wool-Ease Chunky with size 8 needles, so it is nice and thick. As I made it, I thought how I'd like a pair of mittens knit the same way. Add another project to the list.

I am having a color dilemma. I finally have a new winter coat after wearing my old one for over six years. But now my pile of purchased and handmade winter accessories in purple, blue, and pastel colors will most definitely not match the new one:

So what's a girl to do? Get some new stuff of course! To start, I bought this ball of Plush at my yarn store for a hat. Upon showing it off at home, Steve is convinced that I "bought a cloud." It's really soft.

Luckily the neckwarmer I finished a few days ago looks good with it. (Well that wasn't really luck...more like good planning.) But of course I love some of my purple things, especially the Silk Garden seed stitch scarf, so I am going to have to find a way to work them in somewhere.

I have one more small finished object to show you, my "starlight swirl" dishcloth:

I made this up while watching TV the other night. I wrote up a quick little pattern and will post it here sometime this week.

(It also flys well - Steve and I were throwing it around the apartment like a Frisbee novelty flying disc. Maybe this is what I should write the pattern for; it sounds much more interesting than a dishcloth!)

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