Friday, January 28


Is it cold where you are? I'm always FREEZING in winter. Partly because I will not turn the heat up - our gas bill is so high already that I'd rather suffer than pay any more.

I had to get a prescription refilled at WalMart today (see note below) and saw this in the pharmacy area:

Oh yeah. My lap is nice and toasty as I type this. Of course, now it needs one of Rachael's awesome cabled covers: BAWK Hot Water Bottle Cover

I also found this on clearance for $5.00:

Looks kinda fun. Everything is included and the fabric is pre-cut into strips.

I've been working on my broadripple socks. Loving the two socks at once thing right now. They don't feel like they are going slower because of it - actually this might be the fasted pair of socks I've ever knit. I think I'm motivated by the fact that they will be finished and wearable at the same time.

Note: Do any of you girls out there hate that you have to go to the pharmacy each month to refill BCPs? And you can't get them if you are a day too early for your insurance? I mean really,what would I do if I had more than one pack at a time - sell them on ebay?

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