Sunday, April 25

Like a hole in my head

What's that, you ask? I think it is the answer to "How much does Sarah need a new project?". Well - too late.

This is the Lacecap pattern from Knitty. Steve and I went to Hobby Lobby Friday night to get a few last things I needed for my papermaking project and found some Luster Sheen on sale. I have been wanting to make a lace summer hat for a while now - I had actually planned on crocheting it, but then remembered this pattern. We watched Signs later that night which is when most of the progress was made.

Early last week I also started on the first of five gift scarves for my Mom's coworkers. I thought they would go really quickly - was I wrong! I have never used "novelty" yarns before and they are a Pain in the butt. (Note the captial P.) I had told my Mom when we were picking out yarn "Oh yeah, these will go really fast, I can have one done in a night or two." Ha. (I also told her that she didn't have to pay me to knit them since she payed for the yarn... I might need to amend that agreement!)

I'm using bamboo needles to help control the slippage factor of the two yarns I'm holding together (one is a railroad track type and one is eyelash). Gah! Wish me luck that I can finish 5 of these by June!

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