Tuesday, April 20

Strange Things

I went grocery shopping during my lunch break today, and stopped by the apartment to drop the stuff off. Not really fun, especially since it was pouring rain. As I was unloading my groceries, I saw something that I just had to snap a digital photo of. This is one of the maintenance guys at the apartment complex hosing off the sideway/driveway. During a thunderstorm.

Now I'm sure there was a good reason to be doing this. (well...maybe?) But it just looked too funny!

Something else strange occurred during the NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway last Sunday. A chunk of the track actually broke loose. This quote by Jeff Gordon cracks me up:

"It's very unfortunate that the racetrack came apart," Gordon said. "It definitely took any chance we had of winning away."

Not that I'm his biggest fan... but it still sucks to have your racecar destroyed by flying concrete!

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