Sunday, April 18

Movin' right along

Finally, FINALLY I am finishing projects! It feels so good. I didn't get to start Anissa this weekend but I did finish two things - one that I had forgotten even existed!

Chinchilla scarf, with the jacket it was made to be worn with.
(This jean jacket used to belong to my Grandpa - I'm so glad I ended up with it!)

Silk Garden ribbed hat.

It was the hat I had forgotten about. It is made from a leftover skein of Noro Silk Garden from my Seed Stitch Scarf. I had Steve take a picture of me wearing it, but two photos of me in the same post is two too many!

I am going to ::gasp:: swatch for Anissa sometime this week. I actually bought an extra ball of yarn for the swatch since this is my first project (besides socks) in which gauge really matters. We'll see how it goes. I think I am going to have to buy a new set of needles (oh darn...) since I tend to knit loosely and don't have a size down from the one recommended in the pattern.

I'm also working on a final project for my papermaking class and that is going to have priority for a little while. I'll definitely post photos when I get to a good part. =)

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