Thursday, April 15

I got a gift in the mail!

OK, so that's sort of a lie. Because I bought it for myself. But I still got a package in the mail, which is always fun! It was an extravagant little purchase - Purple Opal Magic yarn. I have never used Opal before (although I do have a skein or two) and LOVE purple. So... I got this for myself! No, I don't feel guilty at all =)

Isn't she pretty? The purple is nice and bright in person too.

For the record, I got it from Carodan Farm, and was very pleased with both their yarn selection and service (I ordered this less than a week ago and it was shipped halfway across the country!). So go look around!

Alright kids, its getting close to bedtime. Gotta be at work (like AT, not "close to being ready") tomorrow @ 6:30am. That's obscenely early for me. Yep, I'm gonna be crabby by the evening... Good thing it's Friday!

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