Sunday, May 2

The Neverending Scarves

Well, one is finished at least. (It's the furry pile pictured above.)

I finished it in the car this weekend - on a mini-road trip Steve and I took. We went to Davenport to see the NASCAR 3D movie (again for me, first time for him) and do a little shopping.

One place we stopped at was the Crazy Girl yarn shop in Muscatine for the first time. What a great store! I got a little bit of yarn, which I forgot to take a picture of for this post, and a few new needles. The shop is located a block or so away from the Mississippi, where I took these photos.

It was real pretty, but not very warm for May 1st. I'll take a photo of my new yarn and the project it is going to become to show you tomorrow.

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