Thursday, February 26

Projects in process

Finally - new pics! First off, here is the cabled strap for Tasha. The photo is a little overexposed, but it allows you to see the cable pattern better.

Here is a new ball of sock yarn from the Whenever sock of the month yahoo group. It is Ironstone; 90%wool, 10% nylon, sportweight. Something I never would have tried without the group, but I love it and will definitely use it again. The color is "Pink Hots". It looks even more awesome in person!

And yes, I did start a new project with it:

the pattern is called "Linear Lace"

This is actually my first pair of top-down socks ever. I'm glad to be following a complete written pattern for them, instead of making them up as I go like usual.

(I don't have any new photos of the two socks on two circs - mainly because I haven't worked on them any more! They are sort of awkward to handle, and I haven't had much patience for them. Hopefully that will change eventually...)

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