Sunday, February 8

Scarf Mania

I finished my Silk Garden seed stitch scarf laaate last night while watching a few movies. Here's a photo of it on the couch so you can see all the colors (they are pretty accurate on my monitor).

YAY!! I love it!

I had it on around the apartment today; it is going to be nice and warm. I kind of wanted to go outside and take a model-y photo of me wearing it... but not enough to actually go outside in the cold! For the record, the movies I watched while finishing were The Mummy Returns, The Long, Long Trailer (old Lucy and Desi flick), and Galaxy Quest.

I started a new project today - totally unscheduled.

It's the beginning of a multi-directional scarf out of Plymouth Encore. I certainly wasn't planning on making two scarves in a row, but after reading on many blogs how fast/fun/easy they are and then coming across this subtly-rainbowed yarn leftover from a hat I couldn't resist. Actually, you can't really see the color changes in that photo, but trust me they are there and look cool =)

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