Monday, February 16

The perfect mini-vacation weekend:


I spent this weekend at the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Fanfest. Loads of fun and cool football stuff. I got to go into the football complex on campus and see the "bubble", a permanently inflated - pressurized structure. Here are some highlights:

inside the bubble

the 2004 Outback Bowl Trophy

I forgot to upload a few of the photos I wanted to post, so you'll see more in the next few days. Hang in there. =)

...and racin'

Dale Jr won!!! (WooHoo!) Tony Stewart didn't win. (Good.) Elliott Sadler didn't crash. (Even better.) Oh yeah. Life is good. =) A question for anyone who knows/cares: did NBC realize there were more than 3 cars on the track?

Yes. There is knitting content.

I finished the diagonal scarf last week, but haven't taken a final photo of it yet. I'll try and remember to do that tomorrow. I've done a few more rounds on the two toe up socks, but it is slow going. Have to constantly remind myself that its OK - its TWO socks, TWO socks, TWO socks. So even though it is painfully slow right now, there will be TWO socks finished. =)

I also started a new project: the Tasha Bag, from Knitty.

Here's a pretty bad photo of the little piece I have done so far:

this is one side, that then becomes the handle

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