Sunday, March 14


I'm still here. Really I am. Just have been tooo busy lately. A few nights in a row I didn't even turn on my computer after work. (Shocker!) Going to get back to posting daily.

I have been doing a little knitting. I finished the first Linear Lace sock, and have started on the cuff of the second. I have also made slightly noticeable progress on the two socks/two circs. Haven't worked on the Tasha bag handle lately, but did (blush) start a new project - a simple ribbed hat to match my Silk Garden scarf, since I had one skein left after finishing.

I have also been rearranging/cleaning out stuff in my bedroom and the apartment in general. All my knitting books, mags and tools are now neatly on a shelf. I wish I could say the same for the yarn, but that's phase 2 =)

I PROMISE I will be back tomorrow and have pics to share!

I feel very disconnected with blog-land. Anything interesting going on??

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