Saturday, May 10

yay saturday! I finished classes for the semester last week - got two finals next week and then its over! My environmental justice presentation went well, although I'm afraid I was rambling/babbling at one point. It's pretty interesting stuff, and I think I might put up a page or two about it eventually this summer when things calm down a little.
I am trying to order/find the equipment I need for my summer field class. I still need a rock hammer, leather belt/holdster thing, field notebooks (write-in-the-rain type of things) and boots/clothes/raingear. We are leaving May 27 for two weeks in South Dakota and Wyoming to do mapping and other various geoloic tasks. It should be fun but difficult. I'm really looking forward to two main parts of it: the one day we have off to go to Mt. Rushmore (I've been there before-its really incredible) and the stop made in an area known for being a great spot to find garnet and staurolite crystals. I checked out my GPS scanner and compass from the UI geology department yesterday. I think I need to read the instruction manual though - my GPS has been flashing "wait...locating satellites" for hours and hours now. I don't think they should be that hard to find...
Knitting content:
I'm very upset, but I think I am going to have to take apart the top of the dresser scarf sock that I finished. The whole thing looks too big... and I can't for the life of me pick up the stitches right around the bottom to attach the foot. grrrrrr! Best to leave it sit for a while and get over my issues with it before ripping the whole thing out.

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