Tuesday, May 6

I didn't get to give my power point presentation today. Yuck. I was hoping to get it over with. But we ran out of time before I could. Now, I certianlly don't consider myself to be an expert in these matters, but I have been around and seen things and well... almost all of the presentations I saw today were pretty lame. There were a few good ones, but the bad ones fell into two major categories (better know as the 'don't give a presentation like this' list): The person stood behind the computer, reading word for word off their slides. Exactly what was being projected on the screen and nothing else. Uh, yeah. I can read. The other people had an entire speech prepared and writted out on paper or notecards. They read straight from them to the point of forgetting to change the slides when it came time. Of course, when a slide did get changed, their place would be lost on the page. Throw in a few seconds of ummmm..... and we are all thrilled. Needless to say I didn't learn very much of anything today.

As for knitting, not much has been happening. I have worked a few (maybe two a night) rows on the suprise project the last few nights. Thats about it. Oh, and I got a really awesome deal on ebay on some Regia sock yarn. $12 for four skeins of the mini-ringel stripy pattern, in blue, white, green and brown. yay! and shipping 1st class was only a dollar something. Gotta love sellers who don't screw you on shipping and "handling" costs. I think thats enough rambling for tonight. I am going to go watch Nick @ Nite before I go to bed.

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