Sunday, May 4

Have you ever spent a lot of time on something you knew you shouldn't be doing? I'm talking knitting related here now. After looking at the tiny sweaters and doilies on the blog I posted yesterday, I googled for "miniature knits". And I just couldn't leave it alone. So, at one a.m., there I was, with a size 0 addi turbo and a package of DMC craft thread.

Grant it, the gauge is still much bigger than the size 0000 needles used for the minis I was looking at online... but it satisfied my craving trying something tiny. Well, sort of. Now I think I want to get some teeny tiny needles and try some other things. The most interesting thing about this little hat is that it is basically the first thing I have ever knit completely without any kind of pattern, and it is the first time I have ever done two color knitting. Ever. I'm not even sure how I knew how to do it or why I tried ... it just sort of happened. So, I finished it tonight, and I'm pretty impressed with myself. = )

Now on to important matters, such as Are the Ideals of Environmental Justice Being Upheld? (power point presentation I have to give in a class on tuesday.)

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