Thursday, May 22

Pictures, Trip, and Mousies

I have added pictures of the two cabled dishcloths I've finished in the last week to the finished knits section of the gallery. There are also pictures of the basket and soap I made my Mom (to go along with the blue cabled cloth) for mothers day in the other projects section.

In other news... I almost have everything I need for my field methods class trip to SD/WY. 7 days until we leave! I need to wear my boots some more to break them in, read the "field geology" textbook, and start packing. (I know I am going to forget something...) I've never spent this long (two weeks) in a hotel before, especially not one in the middle of nowhere. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to bring/do??

I am going to Mouse-Along with Wendy (see link to the right) and make a cabled catnip mouse for the Mag-ster. Hope she likes it (...the spoiled rotten brat ; )

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