Tuesday, July 26

Tour de Fleece, Days 17-18

On these two days I worked on spinning my first batt and "art yarn". It's no where near true art yarn, but it's the most outrageous thing I've down thus far in my spinning career.

I had a 3oz Hanks in the Hood batt from Paradise Fibers that had been marinating in my stash for a while.

Tour de Fleece, day 17

I spun it into a lightly twisted, bulky single...

Tour de Fleece, day 17
(sorry for the awful photo)

... and then plied it with purple cotton sewing thread.

Tour de Fleece, day 18

The plying was definitely a learning experience. It took a few tries to get the look I wanted and even after that it's not very consistant.

I needed more twist in my original single - it drifted apart a few times as I was plying. I am a little afraid to use, but I think after a hot wash it'll be able to hold itself together. I can't wait to try this technique again.

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