Monday, July 4

Tour de Fleece, Day 3

I didn't have much time to spin today, since we were heading down to my parents for a picnic and fireworks.

I finished spinning the Fiber Optic fiber from yesterday and plied it. When dividing the fiber, I was more concerned with how it was going to stripe and not how even my piles where.

Tour de Fleece Day 3

I wanted a three ply, but as you can see above I didn't have the same amount of each color section. As each single ran out I ended up with about 26 yards of three ply, 30 yards of two ply and about 2 yards of chain ply.

Tour de Fleece Day 3

Tour de Fleece Day 3

I am very happy with my three ply. At least it will be a little experiment in spinning self striping yarn.

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July 22011

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