Monday, July 11

Tour de Fleece, Day 10

On the Tour de France, July 11th is a day of rest. I'm not sure, but I can't imagine they are just sitting around napping the day away.

I didn't plan on completely resting for the Tour de Fleece either, since spinning isn't exactly strenuous but mother nature had other plans.

A massive storm blew through out of nowhere yesterday morning while I was at work, knocking out power to most of the area. The school was closed and we all got to leave early; the damage as I was driving home was unbelievable. We were very lucky to only lose a branch of a front tree and some garden plants.

No power at home, which of course means no air conditioning. Now, I'm not generally wimpy about stuff like that but it was 86F inside and humid. Just the idea of handling wool fiber was too much.

So, they say it may be a few days before the power is back on. We're both off work again today and hanging out at a library the next town over soaking up a/c and electrons.

It felt a little cooler outside today; maybe I will be able to spin a little without melting.

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