Wednesday, July 13

Tour de Fleece, Day 12

Today marks the halfway point of the Tour. I'm still going strong. Sometimes keeping a commitment to yourself can be the more rewarding thing you can do.

I spun up the second ounce of my merino/bamboo fiber. The drafting was much easier today; I must have developed some muscle memory yesterday.

Tour de Fleece, day 12

Since I've been doing all of my spinning in the evenings, my photos have that annoying bright flash quality to them. I'm hoping to at least get one good daylight photo of all of the yarns I finish at the end of the Tour.

In other news, I was back at work for the first time this week today, after the major storm that came through Monday morning. The only downside is that the school where I work still was without power in about half the buildings... of course including my department's wing. Darkness and stifling hot air do not make for good working conditions. Sigh.

They are hoping all of the power is back on by the weekend, so classes can resume normally next Monday. I sure hope so...

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