Wednesday, May 6

Moving, Pt. 2

I just remembered that I snapped this photo of Lennie, my spinning wheel being packed to move.

I realize that the folding Lendrum is built to be folded and moved around, but the only time I've done it is when I brought him home from The Fold. Still safely enclosed in the original box with padding, I might add.

spinning wheel packed for the move!

So. Bottom of back seat folded up to cover the space over the foot wells, blanket wrapped around, seat-belted in. If I owned a child seat he probably would have been strapped into that. It was only a five minute drive but I was relived to see that he didn't move at all and came out of the journey perfectly intact.

Me? Neurotic? Nahhh... It was justified, since I think this is the most expensive thing we own besides the cars.

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