Friday, November 21

Still (!) Computerless

...and starting to get antsy.

For the first few days without my laptop it was almost refreshing not to have it available to check the internet for every mundane little question/pointless trivia factoid that popped into my head.

Now that I am approaching my second weekend without it, all I can think of are things I need it for. My iTunes! I want to update my pod. My photos! I can't get my camera's memory card to work in any other computer (a problem in itself...) and really would like to upload some photos. Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas decoration ideas, holiday projects... Woe is me.

I looked closely at my service ticket for a problem diagnosis from Best Buy (Geek Squad), and realized it listed estimated completion date at Dec. 12th! I suppose that is 4 weeks from when I dropped it off, which is the estimate they gave me at the store, but the ticket is just for the diagnosis! I really thought he meant completely fixed and back to me in 4 weeks, not just diagnosed in 4 weeks. Whhiiiineee whinee whiiiiine.

So, in a effort not to forget anything, here is my running list of things I have completed or started since my computer died that I will have to blog about w/photos at a later date:

1) Finished my Woolly Wormhead mystery beret
2) Started and finished super bulky knee socks to wear to bed.
3) Started a scarf for my husband (too late, since it is already wicked cold and windy here)

Other things, which could possibly be done without photos, if I get a little computer time at work at then end of the day:
1) My annual holiday gift idea list
2) Thanksgiving recipes ideas
3) update my projects in progress, with photos already in flickr

...I'll add more as I think of them.

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