Thursday, November 13

(Amost) Computerless

A few nights ago, I almost died. I pressed the button to turn my HP notebook on and the lights came on, the DVD drive spun up, and …. nothing else. The screen was black and (I think) the hard drive didn’t spin up.

AHHHHHH….. my data! My infrequently backed up data! (Lesson learned.)

So I’ve shipped it out to be diagnosed and hopefully fixed. I have my fingers crossed that it is something small and inexpensive like a loose screen connection (not likely) instead of something very expensive like a fried motherboard (much more likely). Such a tough call – how much does it have to cost to fix before replacing it is a better option? Of course, it’s not like I really have the money to do either right now.

However it turns out, all I really want back is my data. Best Buy (Geek Squad) will recover and burn my hard drive for $160 if the computer is not salvageable, or my hubby thinks he knows how to do it himself. That makes me feel a little better.

It could take up to four weeks to get it back. I have my computer I work, which I am using now, plus the wifi on my iPod Touch so it’s not like I’m disconnected from the online world totally. But it’s not my little laptop. Plus, someone else is going to be touching it and seeing all my stuff.

Not that there is anything people shouldn't see, but still. I have issues with people touching my stuff. You understand right?

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