Wednesday, November 26

Dear Internet,

Best Buy/Geek Squad effectively lost my laptop. Yes, really. I had been checking the status updates for my service order online for the last three weeks, and things started to look strange yesterday.

After spending an unproductive hour on the phone with the Geek Squad 800 number, we went to Best Buy where we dropped it off and the manager (who seemed as confused by the situation as we were) tried to sort it out. There wasn’t much he could do except update my service request with a statement that basically said “where is this computer?”

But it gets worse. Before it was ‘misplaced’, the system board had been replaced without my permission. They were supposed to contact me with a diagnosis before doing any repair work and did not. I would not have authorized this repair. I am not going to replace a part for half the cost of a brand new computer, when there is a decent chance the part will fail again.

And now I have a bill well over $300 for something I did not want. There is no chance in hell that I’m paying it. (But I really just want my computer back...)

To say I am angry is the understatement of the century.

Yarn and chocolate…. I need yarn and chocolate.

Thanks for listening, Internet.

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noallatin said...

You have my sympathy. Best Buy did something similar with my DH's computer. THey called to tell us it was ready and then couldn't figure out who had called us and why we were called. With my computer, they have repaired it for the same problem (black screen) twice but according to the local Geek Squad tech, they didn't really fix the problem (a wonky power supply).

Good luck. Keep all of your paperwork handy!