Sunday, July 6

Major Ugh.

I really thought I was going to finally finish my Something Red sweater this weekend. In fact, I did, but things didn't work out quite right.

The button band and collar turned out a little funky. I didn't pick up enough stitches down the front edges of the cardigan for the button band, and I think I did a few too many short rows on the back of the neck. It is a little too high on the back of my neck.

button band too short!

I did try it on while working on the button band but I was too lazy to put it on a string or second circular so I could stretch it out all the way. I did look like it would fit while it was bunched up along the circular I was using, honest! Oh well, that'll teach me.

While working the body of the sweater I slipped the end stitches so there was a nice chain of one stitch per two rows for me to pick up. This appeared to work out so perfectly, and I picked up exactly 200 stitches which is what the pattern called for. I was so psyched about how easy it was that it didn't even occur to me that maybe I should have more stitches, since I made the body longer than the pattern called for. Well, dang.

I was looking forward to starting something new once this was finished, and I was so close to shoving this in a closet and pulling out some new yarn. But I am a good girl, or realistic at least, and I know this will never get finished if I don't do it now.

So it's already ripped and the band picked up again. I ignored my slip stitch chain and used the standard pick up 3 out of 4 stitches. I am going to go down one needle size to make sure it doesn't flare out but it already looks better than before.

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Libby said...

I absolutely feel your pain. My Something Red (actually Black) has been languishing for nearing two years. All it needs is the button band, and my attempts at picking up stitches so far has been painful. Clearly, it's going to look great once you re-work the picked up stitches.