Thursday, July 10

Good new for knitting fans, bad news for Star Trek fans.

I finished my Something Red sweater a few nights ago. It’s blocking now, and I hope to have the button sewn on and photos taken tonight. It grew more than I was expecting after getting wet. We'll see how it fits after it is dry. I'm a little apprehensive - I was hoping that I made something that wasn't too big for once!

Not surprisingly, I have already started my next project. I wanted some quick knitting satisfaction, so I chose the Utopia Cabled Hat by SmarieK (on Rav).

Utopia Cabled Hat

I am using the remaining ball of yarn from my Bluebell Boatneck Sweater. Yay for stash busting!

As for the bad news, I read (on Ravelry of course, because what else would I be doing at work?) that the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton in Vegas is closing September 1, 2008.

I know this isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. BUT when Steve and I were out there last October we didn’t have time to go through the Experience, although we ate at Quark’s Bar. It runs for 10 years, and I don't get to see it?! Not fair!

Star Trek @ The Hilton

Now to formulate a plan to get out there before September…

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Nicole said...

We're knitting twins! Although I'm a bit behind you so I may just be a copycat. :) I'm currently making a Something Red and plan on making the Utopia hat with a leftover sweater skein.