Wednesday, July 16

Finished: Utopia Hat

Utopia Cabled Hat

This is my Utopia Cabled Hat from SmarieK (on ravelry), made from leftover Cascade 220 Tweed. Do you recognize the yarn? It's from my Bluebell Boatneck sweater.

This only took me three days to finish. It would have been two, but I discovered an incorrectly crossed cable that I had to fix and then decided to made a few changes to the pattern. Still, a fast and satisfying knit.

(Incidentally, the main change I made was to the K6 after the last cable crossing going into the decrease section. I switched it to k2 p2 k2 to divide the ribs back into two and match the ribbing at the beginning. A small thing, but I think it looks much better.)

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