Wednesday, May 28

Back online, but still surrounded by boxes.

Our DSL is finally working at our new place, but I seem to have been cured of my web surfing addiction during the week without it. I actually have barely turned on my computer since it has been back up. I'm sure this will change when everything is finally unpacked and put away. I've finished with the important things (yarn, DVDs, Wii) but still need to finish the closet and kitchen so I can, you know, find decent clothes for work and cook actual meals. Nothing too pressing.

But but but... the best part is that everything can be put away, because there is room for everything! We have space that is not crammed full of stuff including an entire storage closet, still empty, off the balcony. This is just so amazing to me since we had books and DVDs stacked on the floor at the old place because there just. wasn't. space.

I haven't taken many photos yet, at least not any good photos, but here are two I managed to upload as a comparison. Click through to Flickr to see notes.

old apartment
old apt

new apartment
new apt

Life is good. =)

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