Thursday, May 22

Almost there.

Just stopping by to say hi and to let you know that almost a week later, I am still without internet at home (thanks, AT&T, for having such stellar customer service).

There is around a car-load of random things left at the old place, along with a little bit of cleaning to do before we turn in the keys for good. I can’t wait for it to be finished! Here is a random list of thoughts and questions on moving that have been running through my head this last week. If you have any advice/experience on any of my questions, I’d love to hear it.

1) Libby was completely right; like a band-aid – right off! Trying to finish up everything that “won’t take too long” after work these last few nights has been miserable.

2) The situation was improved greatly by my parents driving up and helping us clean Wednesday night. They are the best.

3) Now that I have the extra space, I can’t decide how to store my yarn. Do I display it all on shelves? Do I display a few choice balls and keep the rest in the closet where it is safe? If I do display all or some of it, do I need to worry about the sunlight from the east-facing window shining on it regularly?

4) I am very pleased that our new town has Lake Michigan water instead of a local well. I think the lake water is very good, having grown up drinking it, and it is great to have good tasting water straight from the tap again.

5) We have a gas fireplace. Never used one before – is the pilot light supposed to be visible all of the time? I can hear the gas running when it is quiet. I hope it doesn’t cost too much just to run the pilot. Maybe I can shut it off of the summer and relight it in the fall?

I think that’s all for now. Thanks, my brain feels slightly less full. I have next Monday off work for Memorial Day, so I’m going to do a big push to get everything unpacked and put away so I can sit down and DO SOME KNITTING!!

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