Wednesday, May 7

Too Good to Be True?

I finished the Trellis Scarf Monday night, and was extraordinarily impressed with myself for finishing in time and without any major problems or mistakes.

While blocking last night however I did uncovered a rather large problem.


Those three pins are holding three live stitches that started to unravel as I was blocking. It is a SK2P, or slip, knit 2 together and pass the slipped stitch over - a three stitch into one decrease. I must have dropped it while doing the knit 7 together in the following row.

Luckily I caught it before it became a huge hole. I'm not exactly sure how, since it is only a few inches from the cast on edge and I have been tugging on it for weeks to see the lace better. I'm also not entirely sure how to fix it but I've asked on Ravelry and a a number of people have already come to my rescue. I think I am just going to catch all three loops in a piece of the yarn, and then weave in the ends in opposite directions. I want to try duplicate stitching the ends in to hide them, but my duplicate stitch always looks like crap and would probably be more obvious than well-woven ends.

Does anyone have any other advice for me? I think I am going to tackle this after dinner tonight. Fingers crossed!

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