Wednesday, April 2

I realized something today.

I have not done much (make that any) knitting since I finished my everlasting bagstopper a week or so ago. I really have had no desire to pick up the needles and work on my current project. The same thing happened to me during the holidays, when I was trying to finish up gifts for people.

It suddenly hit me why this keeps happening. I told myself when I finished the bag that I could not start a new project before my Something Red sweater was finished.

But I do not feel like knitting the sweater, so there is no knitting at all. Same thing with the Christmas gifts. I felt forced to knit, instead of wanting to knit.

I know this all sounds very simple and straightforward in a “duh” kind of way but it was quite a revelation when it all came together in my head.

I tend to be very strict with myself sometimes, more so than I would ever be with or expect from other people. My reasoning for the one project at time rule is that I feel nothing ever is finished when I am working on a lot of things at once. While it is true that it will take longer to finish a project if I am working on other things in between, it will take forever if I never work on it – like my sweater.

I didn’t always feel this way, in fact years ago I used to have almost a dozen projects going at once. I think that overwhelming feeling of “I’m never going to finish any of this” is what turned me to the one at a time mentality. I tend to feel unsettled and a little claustrophobic when things pile up – physically and mentally.

So, I am going to try and ease up a bit and let myself start something new. I really want to start a special Mother’s Day gift but at least I have the insight to realize it probably would not be the best choice right now.

Enough analysis. I’m going to go knit something fun dammit!


Dani said...

I think you should knit what you want to knit when you want to knit it. I try to limit myself to one project at a time, but I find it to be unrealistic for the long-term. I think that as long as you continue to pick-up the needles you are doing just fine. Good luck with the new project!

Candi-Teal Chic said...

You couldn't have said it any better. I get like that sometimes. I feel like I'm working for my very own sweatshop. I am so demanding of myself, and once I get done with that project, I put the needles down for a while!!!