Thursday, April 17

Challenging yet fun.

I am going to write about this only because I don' t think my Mom looks at my blog regularly. (At all? Of course she is going to be reading this now I'm sure.)

I am making the Trellis Lace scarf from IK Spring 06 (on Ravelry) as a Mother's Day gift. Here is the start I have so far:

trellis scarf

That little piece of fluff is about two weeks of work. I am on the 7th pattern repeat out of 23. I figure if I can finish a pattern repeat a night, it will be done in time. (I am currently two repeats behind schedule.)

Good thing her birthday is at the end of July - I can always claim it was supposed to be a birthday gift!

The pattern is actually very easy, except for the 7-into-5 decreases that happen every 8 rows. Those buggers slow me down considerably, and I usually give up on finishing my pattern repeat for the night when I hit one of those rows. I figured out a decent way of working them involving a tiny crochet hook and sliding the stitches down to the cable of the needle. I am going to try to take a photo or a video or something of how it works in case anyone is interested.


Emily said...

Ooh, that will be beautiful!

Mrs MJW said...

That design is very pretty with the grey.

kate said...

That's a beautiful scarf. I love the color. Good luck on finishing for Mother's Day. :)

Dani said...

That looks awesome! I have been hesitant about trying new patterns lately, but this gives me some inspiration.