Sunday, March 16

Warmth and comfort.

I am trying hard to finish my Something Red sweater before startitis kicks in too badly and it is cast aside for something more exciting. I want to be able to wear this thing before it is too warm outside. That's probably not much of a concern seeing how cold it still is here, but I have to believe that it will be warmer soon. I just hope we don't skip spring entirely and jump straight to 90F summer!

I finished the body and started on the first sleeve since this photo was taken.


I am not looking forward to picking up a zillion and a half stitches for the button band and collar. My plan is to finish this sleeves early this week and then pick up the collar stitches while distracting myself with a movie. If I can get the sleeves done before Thursday, I can pick a sappy movie that my husband hates since he is in class Thursday night. Plus, if I finish the sweater this week I can start my next big project over the weekend. Now that's motivation!


Today is kind of a loss as far as relaxing Sundays go. I had to go into work for a few hours this morning and we have to leave for a wake shortly. An dear family friend passed away on Friday and it is difficult, if not all together unexpected. I have known him since I was just a baby and even thought I have not seem him regularly for a number of years, it was still nice knowing he and his wife were around. While I am very sad, he was 93 and had a good life and a great family. I definitely do not mean to trivialize his death, for I know his family is feeling the loss much deeper than I am, but really, what more could you ask for?

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