Sunday, August 27

I love weekends without plans.

(EDIT: I wrote this post Sunday night, but was too lazy to resize the photos and post it until now.)

I get to sleep in (woke up at 7:30 on Saturday and couldn't fall back asleep - but it was still 2.5 hours more than usual), wash the dishes and clothes that pile up during the week, and then have this thing called free time.

I took advantage of it by knitting, watching TV show DVDs, and blog surfing. I feel like I miss so much in the world of knitting when I don't get a chance to look at blogs for a few weeks. I even looked around Craftster for the first time in ages, and started a mental list of crafty Christmas ideas.

I really should get started early this year since my new job is going to get very busy towards the end of the year. I was told last week that people in my department are "discouraged" from taking any time off between now (August!) and January. Poo. Yeah, so I really need to avoid the super-holiday-stress-fest I bring on myself when coming up with the perfect handmade gift idea on December 19th.

I've made decent of progress on my Diamonique top.

At least I think it is decent progess until I remember that this is the back, and I still need to do the front.

And because I obviously don't have enough to keep myself occupied, I started a garterlac washcloth.

Easy, but a little too tedious for the mood I am in. The lace top requires less thought than this! But that's probably just because this is the first time I've tried entrelac and don't have any kind of feel for what I am supposed to do next.

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Ruth said...

I haven't tried entrelac yet - the washcloth looks fascinating.