Thursday, August 24

Another week gone.

I have knit at least a few rows every night this week. That doesn't make for much progress, but it is better than nothing. I've been motivated to finish projects lately, since I have seen so many things I would like to knit. The current plan is not to buy any more yarn until I knit up the projects I currently have waiting.

I wish I could say that my purchasing restraint at Stitches Midwest (see previous post comments) was based on this plan; unfortunately it was due mostly to a lack of funding, if you get my drift.

BUT my husband had a job interview on Wednesday that went well, so cross your fingers for him (us, my future yarn stash)!

I have past the waist shaping on the front of my Diamonique top. I love the way it's turning out and can't wait to wear it. I hope I can finish before the weather cools off too much.

On an unrelated topic, we went to see The Devil Wears Prada. I am aware that most people saw this movie weeks (months?) ago, but I really didn't even know what it was about. (Obviously haven't read the book either.) I really enjoyed it, and have caught myself thinking of bits of the plot during the past few days. It is definitly one to rent or buy and watch again.


Anonymous said...

I purchased kit from Great Yarns! at Stitches Midwest and I put all the other UFOs aside an I am almost finished. I had been coveting this item for the last 4 yrs and I finally bought it. It is beautiful. Can't wait to wear.

Libby said...

Your Diamonique is going to be very cute. I've been wanting to see The Devil Wears Prada, because I've heard many raves. I guess we'll wait until it comes out on video. Can't wait to see your top all finished.