Sunday, May 23

Greeeeen Acres is the place to be...

TV Land had a 48 hour "Green Acres" marathon this weekend and I think we had it on about 40 of those hours. The theme song is burned into my brain, and I'm sure will be annoying me all week at work.

With all that background noise I managed to have both a lazy knitting weekend and a major cleaning weekend.

On the knitting front, I have turned the heel and started on the cuff of my sock. The heel looks a little bizarre - it is sort of a modified version of the Eclectic heel combined with my own weirdness. But it actually is very comfy. I probably will modify it again to use in the future.

I also finally started Anissa and finished the first ball of yarn. The yarn, Berroco's Luxe, isn't at scratchy as I first thought it might be. It's not really soft enough to be worn next to the skin, but since this is something I am planning on wearing over a t-shirt with jeans, I'm not too concerned. (It is not as reflective in real life as this photo might make you think.)

(As for cleaning... I won't mention how many quarters I pumped into the washer and dryer. It wouldn't be pretty)

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