Thursday, May 6

There are a few lessons in here somewhere...

Used to be potatoes. I'm not going to say anything else.

On the plus side, I finished my Lace Cap. No photos yet, but I'll definietly get one this weekend. As promised, here is what I purchased at Crazy Girl:

My very first Dalegarn yarn - Svale, which is 50% cotton 50% silk. I am going to use it to make this tank top from White Lies Designs.

Following the "guilt-free knitting" trend that has been going around on some blogs, I have ditched the two socks on two circs plan. Not the socks themselves of course, but the two circs part. I have avoided working on them much since the whole thing really annoyed me. I felt like I had to complete them on the two needles.

I have wanted to try a 12" addi turbo for socks, and it is so much better just knitting around and around and around...

The needle is teeny tiny! My hands to get a little crampy if I don't hold them just right, but other than that I am enjoying working on this sock much more than before. So there! =)

(Dad click here!)

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