Wednesday, January 28

Only I...

could hurt myself bad enough to not be able to knit by walking. Really. On Monday night, I was walking from my kitchen into the living room, and hit my hand on the corner of the wall. Hard. I'm serious! I have no idea how. My thumb got pretty swollen and purple, and made an awful (painful) cracking noise whenever I tried to bend it. It's much better now, thanks.

This is the same thumb I slammed in a metal door a few years ago, and which still hurts from that on an almost daily basis. (Actually I think this is why it was so easily injured this time.)

Yes, I am a klutz.

Anyways, I have not been able to work on the denim diamonds socks yet, but did manage a few rows on my Silk Garden scarf tonight.

I took this photo of the snow on my car, which I thought looked pretty cool:

It would be cooler if I could get closer to the snowflake. (haha - cooler - I'm just hilarious....) I took this with the macro setting on my new Olympus All-Weather digital camera. I bet my 30 year old Canon with zoom macro lens could have gotten a better shot (especially with the black and white film that's in it), but it would not have appreciated the falling snow as much.

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