Thursday, January 15

It's all about the pattern repeat. (plus safe winter driving!)

So I promised to show you how I messed up the pattern repeat on my Regia 6-ply socks, and why I could never get the pattern to match exactly. I hope you can cipher out my little drawing =)

So it was a pretty easy mistake to make, and I'm trying not to hate myself over it. Or take the whole thing apart. But I swear my next pair of socks WILL MATCH!! -vbg-

Other info on the socks:

I fudged the heel on the second one so it would match the first. There's a long piece of green yarn hanging inside that needs to be sewn in. These were done on size 2US dps (yes 6-ply; I've got very little tension apparently!), toe up. The color is called "Pinocchio", but I think it should be "finger painting".

Now the only way I haven't made socks is the Magic Loop, and two at once. (Unless you count top down too, but I don't understand how you make those fit right! Or make socks for someone but yourself. There are tons of people more talented than I that's for sure!) I can't decide what my next pair is going to be yet. Maybe two on two circs, or the November kit from Whenever.

Non-Knitting Content:
I though I'd share this link below for anyone who might need to drive long distances in bad weather (as I have to do tomorrow). It's from the Illinois DOT, and they update the map of highway road conditions as often as every 15 min. It's very helpful to make sure you have a safe drive. They'll tell you what road are clear, partly covered, or totally snow and ice covered. I'm sure other states have the same thing if you google for the state DOT.

Statewide Winter Road Conditions

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