Thursday, January 22

New/Old hat

In honor of Alison's Rip Along, I am trying to resurrect a project from about (over?) a year ago:

It is (was going to be) a hat from Knitter's Winter 2002. If you are having trouble figuring out how all that is a hat, picture this: it's a reversible-double layer short-row-to-make a closed tube-with a provisional cast on kind of thing. If that helps at all. =) This was maybe my third project ever and my first attempt at both intarsia and short rows.

The hat was supposed to be a gift: Steve saw the magazine while I was browsing through it at B&N, and liked the hat. This was the first time he had shown any interest in my making something for him, so I was excited. We went to Hobby Lobby, where he picked out the yarn (Kool Wool) and colors. In my less-experienced knitting state, I was only slightly concerned with the gauge and thought this would do great.

Considering the glaring stripe error, the fact that is was taking forever, and the fact that it was going to end up about 3 inches thick when doubled, is it any wonder it got put away in a bottom drawer? As my first abandoned project, I have to admit it haunted me for a while. Nagging. Taunting me. But I got over it and moved on to other projects, ignoring it and hoping Steve would forget he was ever supposed to get a hat.

So this week in a fit of confidence, ignorance or boredom (maybe all three), I ripped it apart and re-wrote the pattern to suit my yarn and taste. I am now happy to work on it again. And Steve is happy he might actually get a hat.

As you can see, I did away with the second layer, but kept the striped band, and short row shaping. (You are actually looking at the inside of the hat in this photo - the band folds back so the stripes are correct on the outside. Get it?)

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