Monday, January 19

A gift for myself.

This package was waiting for me when I returned home from my mini-weekend-vacation today.

It's all from Knitpicks, one of my favorite online yarn stores. You can clearly see the book; the yarn is Disco (burnt orange, orange, plum and a silvery thread), and two 24" addi turbos size 1. I'm trying the size 1 needles for socks, since I got too many stitches per inch with size 0's and my tight knitting. So many in fact, that the fair-isle pattern in the yarn didn't work out! (See December archive for details.)

I have read through Lucy Neatby's book a little so far, and love what I have seen. I obviously haven't tried any of the patterns yet, but would recommend it simply for all the great advice on knitting socks. Also, what you can't tell from the picture is that the book is spiral bound, and has vertical full page color photos of the socks. Wonderful!

Non-knitting news:

Big CONGRATS to my Dad, who graduated with a M.A. this weekend!

I realized I failed to mention earlier that my Dad was the Illinois Technology Teacher of the Year in 2002-2003.
Go Dad!

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