Wednesday, August 13

work sucks

finally! some knitting! (and I deserved it!)

But just a little, since I promised myself no projects until my disaster area of an apartment was cleaned up. Its getting there, so I thought I could use a reward. I also had McDonald's for dinner. Ok, so that makes two rewards - but whos counting?

I did a little knitting on a cute little baby hat. Only a few rows, so not much to show yet but it should be done this week. I am using the "grow with me" pattern at Frugal Knitting Haus.

My adventure of the Day:

I called a shall-remain-nameless, but fairly good sized, company to place an order at work today. We've never ordered from them before, so we don't have an account or customer number. Not a big deal, I'll just pay with a credit card right? Wrong, apparently.

I went around in circles with a woman on the phone who was trying to look up our account (Me: "We don't have one." Her: "Just a minute, let me look in the computer." Me "You won't find it." Her "Sometimes the computer is just slow." etc.) for over five minutes. After not finding it (shocker) she told me I couldn't place an order without an account. She sounded totally serious - like I was trying to get away with something naughty.

Then, apparently because I didn't hang up after hearing this, she helpfully said "would you like to create an account?" Yeah. May I? So after giving all my shipping and billing info (and being stumped by the question "are you tax exempt in New Jersey?" I'm in Iowa, I don't have a clue...) I figured I was good to go, and gave her the catalog number I was ordering. Nope. Not gonna work. She told me that she would let "the department" know and they would create my new account. She would have to call me back when it was finished, an hour or two later, for me to place my order. Um what? Now, I've ordered things before and it seems to me that all you need to do is tell them your address, credit card number and what you want and everything is done. So technically it took my almost 15 minutes on the phone to accomplish nothing.

Oh, and they never did call back. My boss is finding a different company to purchase from.

Bizarre, ain't it?

and for your enjoyment, here is a picture from my too-short vacation:

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